‘Grid Instability Has Industry Scrambling for Solutions’ without #nuclear

A very interesting article that highlights the true problems that arise from having too much reliance on unreliable renewable energy sources, like in Germany. At the same time 2 new brown coal-fired power plants have been inaugurated in Germany, since baseload power still needs to be created somehow, if Germay will really shut down their […]

‘#Renewables worse than #nuclear’ says Andrew Kenny on iafrica.com

Mr. Andrew Kenny, what a nice piece you have written about renewables and nuclear. I am in complete agreement with what you say, and with your final, loaded question. Nuclear versus renewable energy boils down to this simple question: do you want to work with nature or against it? http://business.iafrica.com/businessday/810925.html

How the Laws of Physics Constrain Our Sustainable Energy Options

I have just found out about this video from TEDxWarwick in March 2012, where Professor David MacKay delivered a very interesting speech about sustainable energy, and how they cannot match the requirement of energy that our current society has today and tomorrow. Professor MacKay, well known for his great book “Sustainable Energy – without the […]

No fire at Fukushima Unit 4 pool, fuel rods not damaged Nessun incendio alla piscina del reattore 4, niente danni alle barre

Rod Adams from Atomic Insights just tweeted an article written by Margaret Harding titled “Nuclear power and the witch hunt”. In this article Margaret includes a link to a video that clearly shows the modest damage to the spent fuel pool at Fukushima Dai-ichi unit 4: Once again, nuclear power was accused much before any […]