Platts SMR conference, morning of May 23rd 2011

by futuronucleare on 2011-05-23

This morning we had a very busy agenda, with a lot of interesting presentations that I will report on separatly, after reviewing the slides and the audio that I recorded.

Highlights this morning were the presentation by the NRC Commissioner William Magwood, who explained the approach that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is following when considering the SMR industry, and Mr. John E. Kelly from the Department of Energy, who confirmed the DOE’s committment to push rapidly towards the first phase of introduction to market of the light water SMR, like the ones envisioned by Babcock & Wilcox and nuScale.

There was a very interesting session from Mr. Terry Jamieson of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which highlighted the different regulatory approach that Canada is undertaking, but also the similarities with the way the NRC work in the US.

After a break, two vendors were called on stage, the first one was Babcock & Wilcox with their Generation mPower product line, presented by Mr. Jeffrey Halfinger, followed by nuScale’s Bruce Landrey. Both are light water SMR designs, and they appear to be the ones more actively matching the needs highlighted by both the NRC and DOE, owing also to the commonality of design with current Generation II and III/III+ designs.

More sessions to come this afternoon, it’s been a very full day so far, and indeed very interesting for someone who needs to learn more about this interesting new technology that is coming to market.


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