How to alter news about renewables, italian style

by futuronucleare on 2011-06-17

Ever since I opened the Facebook page of Futuro Nucleare I had great interaction with both those who are in favor of nuclear, and those who are against.

One of the most active contributors to the page is someone who represents himself as “Strijbos Dave” and I would like to thank him or her for the good and very correct conversations that we are having, despite the fact that we are on the opposite fronts on the discussion about nuclear.

So, yesterday Strijbos Dave has added to the Futuro Nucleare wall a piece written in Italian with title “Japan: a national plan to replace nuclear with solar energy?”, and reading this article could not be a better way to spark some comments from me. You can find the article (in Italian) here:

Infact, the artcile clearly says that

Japan would be considering a national plan to exit from nuclear and will establish mandatory installation of solar panels for all new buildings from now until 2030.

and again

From the Fukushima nightmare to the great hope of renewables: this is (also) how a great Country can recover from the nuclear nightmare.

Wow! What great news! Japan would be about to shut down their nuclear power plants to bet everything on solar panels to be installed from now until 2030. A very juicy piece of news. Too bad it’s false. Really completely false. And the proof of it being false can be found in the article itself, which luckily reports the link to the original news in English, found here:

In the whole original article, nuclear is mentioned only once, and only in the specific context of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident. There is *NO* reference whatsoever to a change of policy of Japan about nuclear, no reference at all about a “national plan to exit from nuclear”, none. In essence, who wrote the article invented everything out of his brain with absurd considerations, that have no source whatsoever if not the very shallow knowledge in the field of energy of “Manlio”, who wrote this article.

Japanese are infact not so silly to believe that nuclear can be replaced with solar panels, dear Manlio.

You should probably learn a little more about energy, before writing things that are not true, just invented by yourself, and put them writing as if they were mentioned by those who are included in the news you write. You should be ashamed.

Let me suggest you, in order to broaden your knowledge in the energy field, the book from Professor David MacKay, “Sustainable energy – without the hot air”, I am convinced that it will certainly be useful for you to learn the basics of what a balanced energy mix is. Read the book, available for free download in PDF format, and you will thank me.

It is not by using lies that renewable energy will save the world from energy collapse.

Luca Bertagnolio
Futuro Nucleare


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