Two countries, two paths, one lesson learnt Due paesi, due cammini, una lezione imparata

I have just spent some time browsing and reading the very nice blog “Decarbonise South Australia” by Ben Heard, and found his content very interesting. One thing that I found in Ben Heard’s biography page really caught my attention, it’s a short YouTube video that I thought I would also show here on Futuro Nucleare.  […]

The referendum against nuclear in Italy will happenIl referendum contro il nucleare in Italia si farà

This morning in Rome the “Corte di Cassazione” has ruled that the referendum against nuclear in Italy will be held on June 12th and 13th, in spite of changes to the laws that the Berlusconi government made at the last minute in order to avoid the electoral consultation. This does not necessarily imply that the […]

World Nuclear News on Futuro Nucleare in ItalianWorld Nuclear News su Futuro Nucleare in Italiano

Sharing information is one of the key factors in order to succeed in correctly educating the general public about topics related to energy in general, and even more so for nuclear power. World Nuclear News provides with a very up-to-date stream of information, both on their website and via email updates. Unfortunately their news are […]

Platts SMR conference, morning of May 23rd 2011Conferenza SMR di Platts, mattina del 23 Maggio 2011

This morning we had a very busy agenda, with a lot of interesting presentations that I will report on separatly, after reviewing the slides and the audio that I recorded. Highlights this morning were the presentation by the NRC Commissioner William Magwood, who explained the approach that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is following when considering […]