Wrong and deceitful #nuclear news coverage in Italy, again

by futuronucleare on 2011-09-13

Here we are, once more. Yesterday we saw big news of a “nuclear accident” with “likely radiation release”, and the whole world once again stopped breathing for a few hours. And soon we saw the effects of hypoxia in the headline news.

Now, while I can understand that reporting news as they happen can often lead to wrong and deceitful information, I can even condone that given the little news that might be available in the immediate aftermath of an event such as yesterday’s in France.

What I can’t condone is the fact that almost 24 hours later, on the homepage of “Il Corriere della Sera” online, the website of Italy’s most important newspaper, we still see these kind of lies.









The title says “Flames in a nuclear powerplant” though in the small text underneath it says “A furnace to treat waste explodes in Marcoule”.

I am sorry, Corriere della Sera online, once more you have proven that you are a bunch of incompetent wanna-be journalists, you only care about scaring your readers, you are completely uninterested in giving correct information.

And this is not the first time that something like this happens. Back in the month of April something similar happened, and I publicly denounced that event too.

Obviously no reply to my letter was ever received. How surprising.

Once again, shame on the Corriere della Sera. Shame on you.

Luckily I am not the only one to notice these kind of things. My friend Ben Heard of Decarbonise SA made very similar remarks on his blog just a few hours ago.

There is a long path ahead of us on the road to┬ádispel┬áthe myth of radiation and defeat radiophobia…



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